John 6:1-21 – “Sea of Doubt”

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“Sea of Doubt”

John 6:1-21


  1. Introduction: Do you ever wonder if God is really there?
    1. All of us have skepticism from time to time
    2. Much of the skepticism regarding Christ is around his miracles
    3. Many of the miracles Jesus did were on or around the sea of Galilee, which makes it the biggest area of skepticism
  2. Jesus fed the 5000
    1. Is this a story that’s just been exaggerated over the years?
    2. Mana from heaven is a foreshadowing of Jesus
    3. This was a picture of the Passover and lead to Jesus’ big revelation that he is the Bread of Life
  3. Jesus walked on water
    1. Was he really walking in ankle deep water?
    2. How did Peter almost drown in ankle deep water?
    3. Jesus has control over nature and can change the rules because he made them
  4. Jesus transported his disciples
    1. Did his disciples just underestimate how far they had travelled?
      1. Maybe there was a heavy fog
    2. If Jesus really moved them to where they needed to go, what could he do with us?
    3. They didn’t need to be in Galilee, they needed to be with him
  5. Conclusion: Jesus won’t fault you for doubt, faith is a gift from God
    1. God will help us with our disbelief if we ask him to
    2. If Jesus really could do all of these things, imagine what he can do with your life