Visualizing the Invisible God – John 1:1-18

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“Visualizing the Invisible God”

John 1:1-18

  1. Introduction
    1. If you were to try and draw a picture of God so that someone who didn’t know God could see Him, what would your drawing look like?
    2. If you want to see God, look no further than Jesus Christ
  2. Jesus shows he is God in that he has done what no other could do
    1. He was with God in the beginning
    2. He is greater than John (Elijah or the Prophets)
    3. He is greater than Moses (Law)
  3. Jesus shows he is God and all God’s creation was done through him
    1. Jesus is the spoken word of God by which he created the universe
    2. His fingerprint is left everywhere you look
    3. John Ortberg calls Jesus “The man who won’t go away!”
  4. Jesus shows he is God in that he came to reveal God to us
    1. He has come to show us God’s nature
    2. We didn’t recognize him because we had been disillusioned by what we thought we knew about God
  5. Conclusion:
    1. If you want others to see God, you are able to do this, not by painting a picture, but by doing what Jesus did
    2. As Jesus emulated the father by following His lead, so we must emulate Jesus and follow his