“Dying of Thirst” – John 4:1-26

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“Dying of Thirst”

John 4:1-26

  1. Introduction: Have you ever been thirsty, I mean REALLY thirsty?
    1. What happens to our bodies when we become really thirsty
    2. Spiritual thirst has similar effects on our bodies and lives
    3. We often do things that increase our thirst
  2. Our Prejudice can keep us thirsty
    1. What’s important about this well?
    2. Why were there such prejudices between the Jews and the Samaritans?
    3. Jesus says this woman wasn’t able to overcome her prejudices because of her ignorance
  3. Our Pride can keep us thirsty
    1. She came to the well alone, why?
    2. Pride causes us to deflect away from the most painful parts of our spiritual need
    3. Jesus saw through her pride and was able to address her deep spiritual need
  4. Our Traditions can keep us thirsty
    1. How they worshiped at the mountain and why the Jews said it wasn’t legitimate worship anymore
    2. Jesus showed that worship isn’t limited to a place and time
    3. We shouldn’t ask, “How does the church have to be done?” we should ask, “Where is it that the church cannot go?”
  5. Conclusion: God wants genuine fellowship with us
    1. He’s willing to bypass our prejudices, our pride and our traditions to have it; the question is, are we?
    2. Church often becomes a headquarters of prejudice, pride and tradition and is unwilling to change
    3. People who are unwilling to change will never be used by God as a catalyst for change; they will stay thirsty