“Free Wouldn’t” – John 3:1-10

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“Free Wouldn’t”

John 3:1-10

  1. Introduction: People often try to explain how a good God can be all powerful by suggesting that he gives us free will
    1. Free will exists in the Bible, just not in the way we want it to
    2. Our definition of free will is that we have equal authority over our decision making as God (if not stand above him)
    3. If we truly had free will, we free wouldn’t
  2. It’s possible to be religious and not be born again
    1. Nicodemus was a heavily religious man, but he was not born again
    2. He had done everything he could do to be right with God but it still wasn’t enough
  3. All who are born again are born of the Spirit
    1. The Spirit does what He wants
    2. We know how to recognize the Spirit, but we cannot predict his moves unless he reveals himself to us
    3. Everyone who has been born again have been given the right to be called a child of God
  4. Everything in the OT preludes to how salvation works
    1. If Nicodemus truly understood the OT the way he received credit from men, he would have understood the truth of Jesus’ words
    2. We can study the Bible and even teach it, but still not understand the things of the spirit
  5. Conclusion: Free will exists in the Bible, but only in the hands of God and those the spirit has enabled
    1. We can either feel threatened by this truth or thrilled
    2. We must not see God taking from us that which we treasure most, but instead see God’s will for what it is, the sovereign deliverance of what we should treasure most; eternal life in Christ