“Hope In Advent” – Luke 18:18-30

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“Hope In Advent”

Luke 18:18-30

  1. Introduction: What are you hoping for this Christmas?
    1. We all have a list of things we’re hoping for
    2. Many of us are broken and feel unable to hope anymore
  2. Hope that is misplaced leads to disappointment
    1. There are things that we hope for that we are not encouraged to hope for in scripture
    2. The rich young ruler put his hope on his own ability to follow the law
    3. Scripture might be warning us not to put our hope in certain places we usually do
  3. Our ability to somehow hope again isn’t going to be developed from within
    1. The rich young ruler went away broken because there are some things that we have an inability to do
    2. We likewise might have a belief in our own abilities that isn’t realistic
    3. If we don’t know where we have inabilities, God will be happy to show us
  4. Hope that’s placed in Christ is hope that doesn’t disappoint
    1. God will show us our weaknesses so that we will rely upon Christ for strength
    2. Hope in Christ comes with certain assurances
    3. There are things that hope in Christ guarantee
  5. Conclusion: Broken hope is a great place to start with Jesus
    1. Instead of pretending that we’re better off than we really are, we should simply ask the Lord to help us where we are
    2. God will always send deliverance to those who ask for it, that’s what Christmas is all about