John 4:43-54 – “Losing Our Patience”

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“Losing Our Patience”

John 4:43-54

  1. Introduction: Do you hate waiting?
    1. Companies are counting on you not waiting
    2. We hate waiting because of boredom, anxiety, and uncertainty
    3. Despite our desire for instant gratification, Jesus knew how to wait
  2. Jesus is patient with our immaturity
    1. Jesus left people who received him when he spoke and went to a people who rejected him even when they saw miracles
    2. Tenure does not equal Maturity
    3. People who have been around Jesus the longest are often the hardest people to reach
  3. We prove our immaturity when we try to barter with God
    1. God doesn’t accept our barter system currency
    2. Jesus heals the man’s son despite his guilt
    3. The man only came to Jesus out of desperation
  4. Jesus is aware of our immaturity and ministers to us anyway
    1. Jesus is patient because he knows the reward
    2. He endured not only waiting, but suffering
    3. He did it all for you
  5. Conclusion: Jesus made an exchange but he didn’t use our barter system
    1. He gave his life in advance
    2. If we’re bored, full of anxiety or uncertainty, Jesus is the answer