John 5.1-18 – “Nice Guys Finish Last”

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“Nice Guys Finish Last”

John 5:1-18

  1. Introduction: Have you ever been picked last?
    1. Nice guys finish last, but God has a greater story
    2. In every good story, there are 5 major components
    3. The Characters, the Setting, the Plot, the Conflict, the Resolution
  2. God knows our Character, Setting & Plot
    1. This man sat for 38 years waiting for healing, watching the pool of water
    2. “Do you want to get well?”
    3. Take up your mat and walk
  3. God seems to ignore our Conflict
    1. Why doesn’t Jesus heal everyone?
    2. Jesus leaves before this man knew who he was!
    3. This man’s healing was an exception, not the rule
  4. God brings an unexpected Resolution
    1. This man headed to the temple to thank God
    2. God is more concerned with holiness than healing
    3. We must take our eyes off of the pool and place them on Jesus
  5. Conclusion: God wants to use our story to impact the lives of others
    1. In this world, nice guys still finish last; but the last will be first in the kingdom of God
    2. Jesus tells people “My father is always working…”
    3. If we want revival, we have to be better than nice, we have to be good; we must work where the Father is working; we must show up in the places where Jesus is