John 5:16-47 – “Trial of the Millennium”

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“Trial of the Millennium”

John 5:16-47

  1. Introduction: Do you imagine judgment as a case in court?
    1. Typically, there are 5 parts to a case in court: Initial appearance, Arraignment, Trial, Sentencing, & Appeal
    2. Judgments in court give weight to similar court cases
    3. What if our understanding of judgment in scripture is misunderstood?
  2. The Jews put Jesus on trial in their minds
    1. The Jews were the judge, jury & executioners in their own mind
    2. Jesus was accused of having Satan represent him
    3. There is no appeal after Jesus
  3. Jesus wasn’t really on trial, all of mankind is, and he is the judge
    1. Our understanding of where others are standing in court isn’t biblical
    2. Jesus is going to use a very simple standard for judgment
  4. The law isn’t on our side
    1. The Jews looked to Moses for defense
    2. Moses isn’t their defense, he’s the prosecutor
  5. Conclusion: If our understanding of judgment is misunderstood, we might be building the wrong defense
    1. All we need is Jesus
    2. Do you know him?