John 6:41-71 – “Come to Your Senses!”

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“Come to Your Senses!”

John 6:41-71

  1. Introduction: Have you ever had to sit and watch someone do something foolish and thought, “Oh no! Come to your senses!”
    1. This can happen with others
    2. This can happen in scripture
    3. Does it happen to us?
  2. Our minds can only take us so far before we will hit a barrier of our own understanding
    1. We cannot understand the things of the Spirit on our own
    2. The Jews didn’t understand how Jesus was from heaven, nor did they understand how they were supposed to eat of his flesh to have life
    3. Jesus doesn’t try to explain it to their senses
  3. Sometimes we have to surrender & trust God even when we don’t understand
    1. Without turning over our understanding, we’re only left with one option, and that is to leave
    2. Many of Jesus’ disciples turned away because they were at a crossroads of losing their understanding
    3. When we hold onto understanding, we will reach a point when we can’t follow God any longer
  4. Once we surrender, Jesus takes us to greater understanding
    1. The 12 surrendered over their understanding to Jesus even when he taught them something they didn’t like
    2. Because they had nowhere else to go, and stayed as a result, God gave them greater understanding of his statement and even his plan of salvation through Passover
  5. Conclusion: Heaven is watching us!
    1. We must fix our eyes on Christ