John 7:1-9 – “The Divine Timetable”

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“The Divine Timetable”

John 7:1-9

  1. Introduction: Have you ever experienced a time when your plans don’t line up with God’s plans?
    1. God has a plan
    2. We can’t change it
    3. How can we make sure we are never disappointed again?
  2. This world tells us to go after what we want
    1. This is evidenced in scripture with Jesus’ brothers
    2. When we act impulsively (according to our timetable), we almost always regret it
    3. How can we know when the timing is right?
  3. Jesus didn’t ask, “What do I want?”, but, “Father, what do you want?”
    1. Jesus lived on a different time table than his brothers
    2. God brought Jesus into the world at the perfect time
    3. Because Jesus was focused on God’s watch, he was able to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit
  4. God will show us his plan when we abandon ours
    1. We must learn to say “Not my will, but thy will be done.”
    2. The smaller times of sacrifice lead to the big ones
    3. Jesus didn’t serve two masters
  5. God’s timing is always perfect because his plan is perfect
    1. It’s difficult for us to trust him because we think we know what good is
    2. God doesn’t want us to have what is good or better, but what is best
    3. The only things we have that are truly good are “of God”