John 7:10-31 – “All Bent Out of Shape”

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“All Bent Out of Shape”

John 7:10-31

  1. Introduction: What would it take for you to get all bent out of shape?
    1. When do you get offended?
    2. When have you offended others?
    3. The modern church is careful not to offend others
  2. Jesus was offensive
    1. Nothing is more offensive than the truth
    2. Jesus spoke the truth because he kept the law (Jesus didn’t act superior, he is superior)
    3. Jesus offended to heal, not to destroy
  3. When we’re offended our spiritual maturity is revealed
    1. Just because you’ve been in church for a long time, it does not mean you are Godly
    2. Jesus shows us the inconsistencies in our life
    3. We must learn to make right judgments
  4. When we’re all bent out of shape, God can straighten us out
    1. God offends us for growth
    2. You have freedom to fly off the handle when you get all bent out of shape
    3. Self-Control is a sign of Spiritual Maturity
  5. Conclusion: Jesus offends because he loves us
    1. We must speak the truth in love
    2. We must look for the love in truth
    3. Fire burns off impurity