John 7:32-52 – “Just Give Me A Reason”

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“Just Give Me A Reason”

John 7:32-52

  1. Introduction: Have you ever looked for a reason to dislike someone?
    1. Sometimes we make our minds up and look for the reasons later
    2. Have you ever been on the opposite side?
    3. Sometimes we do this with God
  2. Sometimes we make our minds up for reasons we’d be ashamed to admit
    1. Jesus refused to play for the “right team”
    2. So, the Jewish leaders refused him as the Messiah
    3. Because the Leaders rejected Jesus, the people who looked to them as a spiritual authority were led astray
  3. When we condemn others, it should show we’re lacking
    1. The last day of the festival was the greatest celebration
    2. Spiritual thirst cannot be quenched by worldly things
    3. Jesus offers living water & in him we will never thirst
  4. Everything hidden will come to light
    1. The Pharisees scrambled to stay on the side of righteousness but failed because of their own selfish motives
    2. The invitation was for them too
    3. When Jesus speaks, our walls break down
  5. Conclusion: Jesus gives us reason to love
    1. For eternal life
    2. For abundant life
    3. If you really need a reason, you should allow Jesus to speak