John 8:1-11 – “Completely Exposed”

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“Completely Exposed”

John 8:1-11

  1. Introduction: Have you ever had your sin exposed?
    1. Nobody enjoys having their sins exposed
    2. When we feel like we’ve been sinned against, we want justice
    3. The passage we will study is often a passage used out of context to defend ourselves when we feel exposed
  2. God’s Law Exposes Our Sin
    1. Many people have used this passage to suggest that sinning should be excused
    2. It wasn’t the Pharisees that identified sin, but God’s Law
    3. The Pharisees did what God’s law required, but not because they were interested in justice
  3. God’s Law Condemns Us All
    1. What did Jesus Write in the Dirt?
    2. Jesus answered without breaking God’s Law
    3. God’s Law must not be ignored or excused away
  4. God’s Law, When Broken, Demands Punishment
    1. Jesus told these men that this woman should be put to death
    2. Jesus was the only one who could have carried out the execution, but he wasn’t interested in throwing stones
    3. Jesus came that we might be given a clean slate
  5. Conclusion: Because Jesus Went to the Cross, We Can Stand Completely Exposed Before God Without Fear of Condemnation
    1. Jesus Gave up his life as a sin offering for the offenses we have committed against God and others
    2. God does not take pleasure in punishing our sin
    3. If God doesn’t take pleasure in punishing our sin, maybe we shouldn’t take pleasure when others are punished