John 8:31-47 – “Like Father, Like Son”

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“Like Father, Like Son”

John 8:31-47


  1. Introduction: Have you ever wanted to put yourself up for adoption?
    1. Sometimes we wish we could belong to a different family
    2. Everyone’s family has problems, even if we can’t see them
    3. It’s a chilling reality when we discover that we really are our parent’s children
  2. You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family
    1. The Jews who believed in Jesus had superficial faith
    2. Saying you belong to a family doesn’t necessarily make it true
    3. Jesus’ teachings are the key to truth and the truth sets us free
  3. The saying, “Like Father, Like Son” is true
    1. We are greatly influenced by our parents
    2. Children emulate their parent’s behavior
    3. When you belong to God’s family, you will recognize his voice
  4. Blood is thicker than water
    1. Usually when we say this, we mean that family ties are stronger than friendship, but in truth, that’s not the original message behind this statement
    2. God is willing to start the adoption process us
    3. When we belong to the family of God, we will emulate our Father
  5. Conclusion: Jesus invites everyone to do a paternity test
    1. Jesus asked, “Can you prove me guilty of sin?”
    2. The Grace of God allows us to ask the same question and hold each other accountable
    3. Our desire should be to let others see God in us