“Politically Correct Christ?” – John 4:27-42

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“Politically Correct Christ?”

John 4:27-42

  1. Introduction: Are you ever amazed at how divided our country is?
    1. Our culture is constantly bombarded with offensive messages
    2. Jesus responds with an offensive message of his own
  2. Jesus’ offensive words weren’t about Feminism
    1. Women in Biblical times
    2. Women today
    3. Jesus is your advocate
  3. Jesus’ offensive words weren’t about Race
    1. Biblical Racism
    2. Racism today
    3. Jesus is your advocate
  4. Jesus’ offensive words were directed towards his disciples
    1. Despite Jesus’ offensive words, those who have been given spiritual eyes love to talk about him
    2. They love to do his work
    3. They love to be in his presence
  5. Conclusion: Jesus seems to overlook being politically correct and instead focuses on the messages his disciples need to hear
    1. We have been called to talk about him, do his work and stay in his presence
    2. This can’t be done by trying harder or by emulating another person, we must do what Jesus said to his disciples
    3. We must lift up our eyes