“Right God, Wrong Religion” – John 6:22-40

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“Right God, Wrong Religion”

John 6:22-40

  1. Introduction: Probably one of the most offensive things we can say to a Jew or a Muslim is, “You have the right God, but you have the wrong religion!”
    1. How the big three (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) each came from the God of Abraham
    2. Not only do Jews and Muslims have the right God and wrong religion, it’s also possible for Christians to have the right God and wrong religion
  2. We might have the Right Jesus in the Wrong Place
    1. We might not notice the Real Jesus is missing from our faith
    2. Jesus’ genuine disciples moved when he moved
    3. Some never allow Jesus to move from the head to the heart
  3. We might have the Right Jesus for the Wrong Reason
    1. These Jews didn’t start looking for Jesus until they got hungry again
    2. Jesus meets our needs, but his focus isn’t just on our needs
    3. Our genuine needs are revealed to us by the Father
  4. We might have the Right Jesus but the Wrong Doctrine
    1. We might base our faith in God off of works not grace
    2. The Jewish faith is based off of how to please God by doing works
    3. Jesus told them in order to get God’s approval is simply to believe
  5. Conclusion: When these things happen, we tend to put the wrong person onto a pedestal
    1. We have to stop looking to things that don’t fill us and find how to have an abundant life in Christ
    2. When we do, we can have the assurance of salvation and be freed from the fear of death